About Us

When we look at personal real estate investment deals, if we can't find a way to obtain 20%+ IRR it's a pass. I will treat other people's money the same way.

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About 20 Plus Capital

We specialize in helping mortgage and real estate professionals achieve financial and time freedom through passive investments in high cash flow short term rental properties. With these types of investments, you not only earn lifetime income, but also enjoy appreciation and tax benefits.

Imagine setting yourself up on a path to financial freedom, where you can escape the constant grind of always hunting for new deals. No more waking up every day unemployed and having to go find someone to hire you. Instead, you can put your money to work and stop trading time for money.

Our approach to investing is centered around helping you escape the golden handcuffs of success by creating a passive income stream through real estate investments. Let me help you take the first step towards a brighter future where you no longer have to wake up every day to start chasing down new leads, deal with loan problems (or client problems…) or worry about when your next deal is going to close.

About Our Principle

Upon graduating from high school, I sought adventure and the opportunity to serve my country. This led me to join the Marine Corps, where I served as a Machine Gunner in the infantry for two tours in Iraq from 2005 to 2009. After completing my four-year contract, I was determined to succeed in the business world. I moved to Las Vegas to study Exercise Science, aspiring to build a career in the health and fitness industry. At the same time, I was drawn to the city's vibrant nightlife and sought to experience the best of both worlds.

However, I soon realized that balancing partying with business success was an unsustainable endeavor. Additionally, I discovered that pursuing a passion in a specific field didn't necessarily guarantee business success. This lesson became apparent when I started a gym and quickly recognized my lack of business knowledge. To address this gap, I used the GI Bill to study business at UNLV while simultaneously running my business.

During my time at UNLV, I found that the curriculum was highly relevant to my entrepreneurial pursuits. I also discovered a love for finance and numbers. Upon completing my degree, I came to the realization that fitness, while a passion and hobby, was not the career I wanted to pursue long-term. Consequently, I left the gym business and ventured into mortgage lending.

Mortgage lending seemed like an exciting and promising field initially. However, over time, the constant pressure to find clients, the immense workload to close deals, and the physical and emotional tolls of the industry started to wear on me. Although my bank account flourished, my personal relationships and physical health suffered.

Thankfully, I had been using my earnings to invest in short-term rentals. By the end of 2022, I was able to leave mortgage lending behind and transition into a full-time real estate investor. Nowadays, I devote my time to refining the operations and sales process of my Short-Term Rental management company. The company has expanded beyond managing my properties to include those of others, enjoying its own profitability and success. I continuously seek new opportunities across the country to grow my short-term rental portfolio.

Life is undeniably short, and I am grateful for the chance to wake up each day and pursue the things that truly matter to me.